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Cyber Bullying and Cyber Harassment

It Hurts

Understanding Cyber Bullying and Cyber Harassment

Cyber Bullying and Cyber Harassment are very closely related. They are online versions of an aggressive and unwanted behavior that thrives on its intimidation of a victim. The behavior is typically frequent and repeated over time, but can also occur as an isolated incident.

It is marked by common abuser actions such as making or insinuating threats, spreading rumors designed to hurt, harm or humiliate a victim, attacking their character, talents, appearance and more. Like Cyber Stalking, it is online terrorism with catastrophic consequences to a victim's psychological and physical health. This behavior is also seen frequently in groups of individuals banding together to bully or harass their victim for even greater harmful effect and to accomplish a higher infliction of pain on the victim. Making repeated references to an individual in an intimidating, mean, ridiculing, offensive, rude, or insulting manner online is cyber-harassment and also can be considered a form of cyber-bullying. The specific distinction between the two is for the most part found in the age group involving the abuser(s) and the victim.

When this abusive behavior is committed by youth under the age of 18, victimizing another youth, it is accepted in description as cyber-bullying. When this behavior occurs between adults it is more commonly referred to as cyber-harassment. In adult cases, cyber-bullying and harassment are punishable as crimes.